Esquire Financing Inc.

How did Esquire Financing Inc. scale to become the Philippines' undisputed leader in growth-stage SME financing? We spoke to CEO Rajan Uttamchandani to discover more about Esquire's remarkable tech-powered success story.

"It has to fit with our three core values – efficiency, flexbility, and integrity – and we saw these three values in Oradian."

Rajan Uttamchandani, CEO, Esquire Financing Inc.

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The interview.

Esquire Financing Inc.'s partnership with Oradian is the latest and most important step in its ten-year digitalisation strategy. But how did Esquire commence this journey, and what has been the story behind its remarkable rise? Oradian CEO Antonio Separovic spoke to Esquire CEO Rajan Uttamchandani to learn more.

About Esquire Financing.

Esquire Financing Inc. the leader in MSME growth stage financing across the Philippines, is dedicated to providing tailored financing solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across various industries. With a deep understanding of businesses’ challenges during their growth stages, Esquire Financing Inc. offers flexible and accessible funding options to fuel their expansion and development.

The power of Oradian

Scalable: grows with your business.

Affordable: our subscription-based model means economical pricing with no surprises.

Cloud-based: no need to buy and maintain servers and infrastructure.

Flexible: fast and easy to set up, configure, and change. Customise at the flick of a switch.

Low-bandwidth: designed for customers even in remote and rural areas. Works with 2G.

Easy to integrate: instantly plug in third-party applications using our powerful APIs.

With the help of Oradian, NOLT was able to submit its first CBN returns within the necessary time frame.
Nolt Finance
It's not just a vendor relationship. What we found in Oradian is a strategic partnership that will lead us to sustainable growth. It's simply not a transaction, it's a long term alliance.
Executive Managing Director, Cantilan Bank, Philippines
Oradian is an affordable tool that helps us be sustainable and compete with commercial banks.
Head of LAPO Agriculture and Rural Development Initiative, Nigeria
Oradian has improved customer acquisition and customer service. It has also made it easier for us to scale our business. In one year we grew by 320%
Group Managing Director, Creditville, Nigeria
A fool-proof system that makes sure our clients get the service they deserve.
Head of Business Intelligence, RAFI Microfinance Inc, Philippines

Think bigger. Go further.

Come and see the future with us. Talk to one of our core banking experts.

Come and see the future with us. Talk to an Oradian core banking expert.


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