Infrastructure built for security and continuity.

Oradian’s core banking system is supported by robust infrastructure that places your security and business continuity at the forefront.

Your data is secure and always available.

We know the value of business continuity to your financial institution. Maintaining a continuous service builds trust with your customers and gives you a reputation for reliability.  

Oradian supports your business continuity by protecting against major disruptions such as cyberattacks, natural disasters, and supply failures. Our infrastructure and security measures mean all your data are always available to you. You can run your business without system downtime, giving you the peace of mind to focus on your core services. 

We operate three dedicated data centres to ensure a problem at one will never disrupt your operations. 

All three are protected by a multilayered security module compliant with key industry standards such as ISO/IEC 27001.

Oradian also performs frequent disaster recovery tests. 

How our secure data centres work.

Primary data centre.

Primary data centre.

Hosts Oradian’s core banking system in a secure environment. Backs up your data to mitigate the risk of data corruption.

Secondary data centre.

Secondary data centre.

Replicates the data stored in the primary data centre to create a secure back-up. Mirrors the critical infrastructure supporting our core banking system. Takes over our services if the primary data centre is down.

Tertiary data centre.

Tertiary data centre.

Secures your data, even in the event of a natural disaster that interrupts Oradian’s services at the primary and secondary datacentres. Stores your data archive, giving you point-in-time recovery for forensic purposes or if you experience data corruption. Encrypts all data archives to keep them safe from prying eyes Proofs against natural disaster with a location more than 500 kilometres away from our primary and secondary data centres – and on a different tectonic plate.

Improve your security and remain compliant with Oradian.

Our security governance policies ensure your institution can operate continuously, comply with local regulations, and maintain the lowest possible security risk. Oradian offers secure data storage, a protected network, and a secure community cloud-based core banking system that is frequently updated to apply the most robust security protocols.

Improve your security and remain compliant with Oradian.

Store your data securely.

Oradian’s core banking system is hosted in datacentres in several locations throughout Europe. These datacentres are protected by a multi-layered security model compliant with industry standards such as ISO/IEC 27001. This model includes perimeter security, video surveillance, dedicated 24/7 security personnel, a sophisticated access control system, and protection from external and environmental threats.

Restrict access to keep your data safe.

Oradian stores data behind a firewall to control and monitor access. Network access controls and network segmentation limit connectivity to authorised users and devices. In addition, the system is guarded by intelligent distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection engines, ensuring your core banking system is resistant to denial-of-service attacks that prevent you from accessing your stored data.

Keep your data safe from development – and beyond.

Oradian incorporates information security throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) from design and analysis to development and testing. Our senior developers regularly conduct source code reviews as standard practice, to ensure no vulnerabilities are introduced to our code. In addition, our development, testing, and production environments are kept separate, and usage of production data on testing environments is prohibited through obfuscation and anonymization techniques.

Maintain application security with robust protocols.

Some of Oradian’s application security controls include authentication, password security, authorisation and access control, session management, input validation, logging, and proper error handling. We also conduct regular penetration tests to identify any deficiencies in our security controls, performed by a qualified third-party. This enables our team to understand the behaviour of malicious attackers and configure our system to be resistant to such attacks.

Maximise uptime so your business is never impacted by outages.

Downtime significantly affects the quality of service provided to clients, resulting in lost business. Oradian’s core banking system is designed to guarantee maximum uptime, with secure data centres in multiple European locations and updates planned to minimise disruption to your operations.

Maximise uptime so your business is never impacted by outages.

Guarantee minimum uptime.

Oradian’s core banking system uptime reached a minimum of 99.9% in 2022, giving you the confidence to operate without fear of debilitating disruptions to your business.

Eliminate disruption for updates.

Any maintenance or system updates are planned by our team to take place outside your institution's core business hours to ensure minimum disruption to your operations.

Focus on your business goals.

With no need to spend time and resources on business continuation strategies, costly hardware, or regular backups, Oradian lets you focus on your business goals.

Secure your backups in remote data centres.

Oradian runs its system on multiple synchronised data centres in three locations in Europe to ensure your data are regularly and securely backed-up.

Avoid interruptions for end-of-day or end-of-month processing.

Oradian eliminates system unavailability during end-of-day (EOD) or end-of-month (EOM) processing by ensuring all relevant calculations, transactions, bookings, reporting queries, and data entries happen automatically in real-time.

Supported by the Cloud Security Alliance.

Oradian is a member of the Cloud Security Alliance, the world’s leading organisation dedicated to promoting best practices for secure cloud computing. 

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Come and see the future with us. Talk to one of our core banking experts.

Come and see the future with us. Talk to an Oradian core banking expert.


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